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At Equity Defeasance, we are committed to ensuring our clients receive fast, top-quality service and optimal pricing. Because we are independent consultants, we have no affiliations or special arrangements with other companies. Our only obligation is to our clients — to uphold our fiduciary responsibility and serve as their advocate.

Our clients are always kept up-to-date on the developments of their transactions. We ensure our clients benefit from the opportunity to share in the additional revenue created in a defeasance through The Piggy Bank (see below). For assumptions, we manage the process from beginning to end, reduce the inefficiencies and inconveniences for our clients, and shorten the processing timeline.

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Our philosophy is to provide excellent service without compromising any of our principles. Equity Defeasance offers an edge over our competitors because of our conviction to serve our clients' interests first, above all else. We take pride in our work and our company's reputation and we believe it is only possible to maintain that pride if we serve our clients ethically and honestly.

Honesty, innovation, efficiency, and integrity are the hallmarks of a company designed to deliver great services and we strive to uphold these ideals for our company.


The Piggy Bank

At the close of a defeasance, the Custodian sets up a trust account to hold the securities portfolio (on behalf of the Successor Borrower). Each month thereafter the proceeds from the portfolio are used to make the remaining loan payments.

Residual value is created in the trust account due to mismatches in the maturity dates of the securities and the loan payment dates. The residual value accumulates separately from the securities proceeds until it becomes available to the Successor Borrower at the maturity of the defeasance. The accumulation of residual value is what we at Equity Defeasance call The Piggy Bank.

Our policy is to provide our clients full disclosure of the value created in The Piggy Bank and to give them an opportunity to share in that value. Through our innovative ideas we give our clients the best option to maximize their portion of The Piggy Bank.

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